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Thu, 12.09.2019, 13:45 / Pre-game practice 13:30

A1ASUI BannwartCZE Horak
A1BSUI IseliNOR Mellemester
A1CSUI HösliGER Totzek
B1DSCO CraikSUI Traub
B1ENED KlompGER Kapp

Thu, 12.09.2019, 16:15 / Pre-grame practice 16:00

B1AGER HarschSUI Klossner
C1Bsui Müllersui Schwaller
C1Csui Sutersco Farmer
C1Dswe Larsonger Höhne
D1Esui Einspielersco Davie

Thu, 12.09.2019, 19:00 / Pre-game practice 18:45 (for cze, nor, sui only)

D1Acze Zeligrovasui Witschonke
D1Bnor Mesloesui Rieder
A2CSUI BannwartSUI Iseli
A2DCZE HorakSUI Höseli
A2ENOR MellemesterGER Totzek

Thu, 12.09.2019, 21:15

B2ASCO CraikNED Klomp
B2BGER HarschSUI Traub
B2CGER KappSUI Klossner
C2Dsui Müllersui Suter
C2Eswe Larsonsui Schwaller

Fri, 13.09.2019, 08:30

C2Asco Farmerger Höhne
D2Bsui Einspielercze Zelingrova
D2Cnor Mesloesco Davie
D2Dsui Witschonkesui Rieder
A3ESUI BannwartNOR Mellemester

Fri, 13.09.2019, 11:00

A3AGER TotzekCZE Horak
A3BSUI IseliSUI Hösli
B3CSCO CraigGER Kapp
B3DSUI KlossnerSUI Traub
B3ENED KlompGER Harsch

Fri, 13.09.2019, 14:00

C3Asui Müllersco Farmer
C3Bsui Schwallerger Höhne
C3Csui Suterswe Larson
D3Dsui Einspielersui Witschonke
D3Esco Daviesui Rieder

Fri, 13.09.2019, 16:30

D3Acze Zelingrovanor Mesloe
A4BSUI HösliSUI Bannwart
A4CCZE HorakNOR Mellemester
A4DSUI IseliGER Totzek
A4EGER HarschSCO Craik

Fri, 13.09.2019, 19:30

B4ASUI TraubGER Kapp
B4BNED KlompSUI Klossner
C4Cswe Larsonsui Müller
C4Dsui Schwallersco Farmer
C4Esui Suterger Höhne

Sat, 14.09.2019, 08:30

D4Anor Mesloesui Einspieler
D4Bsco Daviesui Witschonke
D4Ccze Zelingrovasui Rieder
A5DGER TotzekSUI Bannwart
A5ECZE HorakSUI Iseli

Sat, 14.09.2019, 11:00

A5ANOR MellemesterSUI Höseli
B5BSUI KlossnerSCO Craik
B5CSUI TraubNED Klomp
B5DGER KappGER Harsch

Sat, 14.09.2019, 14:00

C5Ager Höhnesui Müller
C5Bsui Schwallersui Suter
C5csco Farmerswe Larson
C5Dsui Riedersui Einspieler

Sat, 14.09.2019, 16:30

D5Bsco Daviecze Zelingrova
D5Csui Witschonkenor Mesloe

Sat, 14.09.2019, 20:00

QF (R)6BGroup A, 2ndGroup B, 3rd
QF (S)6CGroup B, 2ndGroup A, 3rd
QF (T)6DGroup C, 2ndGroup D, 3rd
QF (V)6EGroup E, 2ndGroup C, 3rd

Sun, 15.09.2019, 08:30

SF (Z)7DGroup B, 1stGame R, Winner
SF (Q)7EGroup 1, 1stGame S, Winner
SF (L)7BGroup D, 1stGame T, Winner
SF (M)7CGroup C, 1stGame V, Winner

Sun, 15.09.2019, 12:00

f8BGame Z, LooserGame Q, Looser
F8CGame Q, WinnerGame Z, Winner
F8DGame M, WinnerGame L , Winner
f8EGame L, LooserGame V, Looser

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