Rules EJCT St.Gallen 2020

The tournament is played under the rules from WCF (World Curling Federation) issue October 2018. Only WCF approved pads are allowed on the brooms.

Round Robin Games

  • All games are played to eight ends. A one stone shootout will be played if the result is tied.
  • The round robin games will have a time limit of 120 minutes. The clock starts when the official starts the game. When time has expired, the last stone of the current end has to be played, than the teams can play the last end. If the score is tied, the shootout  starts immediately. The Team with hammer plays second.
Win3 Points
Win after shootout2 Points
Lose after shootout1 Point
Lose0 Points

Pregame and LSD

  • The first named team plays the red coloured stones and are first in the pregame practice for the first round. The pregame practice is 5 minutes.
  • After the pregame practice there will be played one LSD (last draw shot) to determine the hammer. Out or in handle is the choice of the player.
  • To determine the last stone in the following matches, after each game a LSD will be played.
  • The best four results out of five will be counted for the DSC results.

Time outs

  • During each game a one minute time out per team is allowed. During the time out both coaches can go to their teams. After the fourth end a mid-game break of maximum 3 minutes is allowed.

Boys Semi Finals and Finals

  • The boys will played a round robin in two groups. After the round robin there will be an overall ranking and the top 2 will be directly in to the semi final. Rank 3 to 6 will play a qualifier round for a spot in the semi final. The teams will be ranked by points. If two or more teams have the same points result, the teams are ranked according the DSC results.
  • In all final games the team with the higher ranking (points, DSC) has either the right of the last stone in the first end or the choice of the stone colour. There won’t be a time limit and there will be played an extra end.